Gang tie zhan shi
Drama China 1950

Gang Tie zhan shi

The Chinese long film “Steel Soldier” tells the story of one of the many heroes of the Chinese People’s Army during the fighting against the traitor Chiang Kai-shek and his minions. The commander of the small unit, Zhang Zhishien, who had previously excelled in performing difficult military tasks, was commissioned to hide with his unit important armory machinery and ammunition, and to cover the retreat of the regiment after completing this task. Both actions were carried out exactly according to the dispositions, but the advanced unit was destroyed by a superior enemy after a heroic defense, and the wounded commander Chang was captured with his companions little Liu and old Wang. None of them betrayed the revolution even after the inhuman torture survived only by Chang Zhen-tien. After his liberation by the People’s Army, he was honored for bravery and returned to his unit.
The film “Steel Soldier” won at VI. The Karlovy Vary IFF in 1951 awarded the Peace Prize for an artistically captivating depiction of the unbreakable moral strength of the Chinese people, resolutely and selflessly defending the cause of peace. (FILM OVERVIEW 40/1952)